The company has a long reputation for quality, performance and innovation. Quality of final product is determined with quality of raw material. In VISWATEJA SPINNING MILLS LTD., we take meticulous care in the selection of cotton.

Our dedicated, committed and involved cotton selectors at different stations headed by experienced supervisors, spares no pain in the selection of Kapas or Raw cotton available in the market.

There are quality checks at every stage of manufacturing starting from Raw Cotton. After each lot of fabric is cut, 100% cut parts inspection is conducted to ensure that only good quality pieces move to the stitching units. To ensure that the garments are packed as per the requirements of our valued customers, we can even track and check, which case the garment, has been packed in.

"Viswateja" Is Equipped With The Following Testing Equipment In-House.

1. Uster Tester - 4.
2. Statex Csp System.
3. Statex Twist Tester.

Other Quality Parameters Given Here Under Are Being Checked At Regular Intervals In The Commercial Testing Centres Available Near By.

1. Neps In Uster Afis Pro.
2. Classimat In Uster Quantum Classimat.
3. Rkm In Uster Tensojet - 4.
4. Cotton Parameters In Uster Hvi.

Training And Development :

Mills Conduct On The Job Training Programs For Workers. For Continuous Improvement. Company Has Its Own System Of Providing Training To All Its Employees. The Effectiveness Of Training Is Monitored And Reviewed At Regular Intervals.

A Team Consisting Of A Senior Training Officer And 3 Training Teachers Are Entrusted For The Above.